Wind Mill Slatwall
Wind Mill Slatwall

Stock Slatwall (Slotwall, Slat Board) Solid Colors - Melamine Finish

White Melamine


Gray Melamine


Light Gray Melamine

Light Gray

Almond Melamine Slatwall


Black Melamine Slatwall


Antique White Melamine Slatwall

Antique White

Stock Slatwall (Slotwall, Slat Board) Woodgrains and Metallic - Melamine Finish

Birch Melamine Slatwall


Oak Melamine Slatwall



Maple Slatwall


Cherry Melamine Slatwall


Mahogany Melamine Slatwall


Brushed Aluminum Melamine Slatwall

Brushed Aluminum

Knotty Pine Slatwall

Knotty Pine


Common Wood Veneers

Birch Veneer Slatwall

Birch Veneer Slatwall

Knotty Pine Veneer Slatwall

Knotty Pine Veneer Slatwall

Maple Veneer Slatwall

Maple Veneer Slatwall

Red Oak Veneer Slatwall

Red Oak Veneer Slatwall

Commodity HPL (High Pressure Laminates)

HPL White Slatwall

White HPL


HPL Gray Slatwall

Gray HPL Slatwall

Almond HPL Slatwall

Almond HPL Slatwall

HPl Black Slatwall

Black HPL Slatwall

Paintgrade & RTF Slatwall Panels

Paintgrade Anchor Core Slatwall

Paintgrade / Anchor™ Core

Paintgrade MDF Slatwall

Paintgrade / MDF

Ready to Finish Slatwall

RTF (Ready To Finish)

Stock Slatwall (Slotwall - Slat Board) Panels

Stock Slatwall panels are 48"H x 96"L x ¾"W with the grooves running in the 8' direction, spaced 3" on-center. They are available in the colors of white, gray, light gray, almond, black, birch, oak, maple, cherry, antique white, mahogany, and brushed aluminum. Stock Slatwall panels are laminated with a durable melamine finish on an Anchor™ Core, or MDF (medium density fiberboard). Stock Slatwall panels are available from our many stocking Slatwall distributors (not all distributors stock every color).

Additional Sizes and Custom Colors

For other Slatwall sizes, custom colors, Slatwall with metal (aluminum) or plastic inserts, or special Slatwall groove configurations, call our Customer Service Department at 800.548.7528, or go to our Custom Slatwall Panel page.

Where to Purchase

We are proud to have our products stocked at over 24 locations nationwide for next day shipment, or pick-up. Buy stock slatwall.

Strength Comparison Chart.

See how our exclusive Anchor™ core slatwall is stronger than MDF slatwall panels, or how aluminum inserts increase the groove strength of the panels. View strength comparison chart.


• The Anchor™ Core is 50% stronger than the MDF for strength and holding capacities.
• The RTF (Ready To Finish) panels have a smooth and uniform surface for an improved and consistent painted panel.


Where to Purchase. (our Stock Slatwall Distributors / Dealers)

Please call our Customer Service Department (800)548-7528 with any questions you might have about our Stock Slatwall panels, or where to purchase them.


Wind Mill's stock slatwall program offers the most frequently asked for slatwall panels in the market today. Wind Mill keeps an inventory of these slatwall panels in stock to offer the best pricing and most responsive delivery times. These panels are grooved three inch on center, with the grooves running in the eight foot, or long direction.


In the solid melamine finishes, Wind Mill stocks: white, antique white, gray, light gray, almond, and black slatwall panels. In the woodgrains and metallic finishes, Wind Mill stocks: birch, oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, and brushed aluminum slatwall. The common wood veneers available in stock are: birch, knotty pine, maple, and red oak. The wood veneers come on an MDF (medium density fiberboard) core. Wind Mill offers four stock high pressure laminates: white, gray, almond, and black. Also available as stock slatwall panels are the paintables and RTF (ready to finish) panels. These are available in the Anchor™ core as well as in MDF.


Slatwall Panel edges can come in one of the following three different options:


Slatwall Edge Treatments Slatwall Edge Treatments Slatwall Edge Treatments
2 half grooves - puts a half groove on the edges of the Slatwall panel for stacking purposes. The standard Slatwall panels come with half grooves on the top and bottom of the panels. This puts the seam between the panels at the back of the groove where they meet together. 1 half groove- puts a square edge on one side of the panel, and a half groove on the other for stacking purposes. 0 half grooves- leaves a square edge on the top and bottom edges of the panel.


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