Wind Mill Slatwall

Gray Melamine Slatwall

Gray melamine Slatwall in storeGray Slatwall is our third highest selling finish, behind White and Birch. Every one of our stocking retail distributors carry the 4' x 8' - 3" on center gray melamine Slatwall. Gray Melamine Slatwall is manufactured using MDF (medium density fiberboard), or Boise Anchor Slatwall™. Boise Anchor Slatwall has been engineered for Slatwall, and is testing out to be 50% stronger than standard MDF. Wind Mill uses imported German melamine paper on the surface of its Gray Slatwall. It is a durable finish with clean, dust-free grooves. The color is a close match to Wilsonart Dove Gray D92-60 HPL. Gray Slatwall, or Slat Board as some people call it, is easily installed using drywall screws through the grooves into wood, or metal studs. If you are using metal studs, Wind Mill recommends using wood backing in the metal studs where the fasteners will be installed. Reference our Slatwall installation page for more tips on how to install Slatwall. Slatwall panels can be produced with a half groove on the top and bottom. This is helpful for easy stacking - to give the needed height on the wall. If necessary, the half groove can be cut off by an installer to accomdate trim work. Made from Boise.

Custom Slatwall Options

• Custom groove spacing - 2", 4", 6", 8", 12", or custom.
• A variety of metal inserts for strength and design to match your budget.
• Readysert™ panels can be used with, or without the Readysert™ metal inserts. Call our Customer Service Deptartment at 800.548.7528, to learn more about the Readysert™.
• Plastic inserts cover the full groove for decorative beauty.
• Painting of grooves - custom colors on request.
• Special sizes: 8'x4', 5'x8', 8'x5', 4'x10', 10'x4', 5'x10', and 10'x5' (second number equals the groove direction).
• Cut to size options.

Looking for Slatwall Accessories

Find a distributors for all your metal, wire, and plastic accessory needs. Menards carries a variety of home slatwall accessories in the Wall Coverings Department - for organizning your garage, workshop, laundry room, home office, or storage area.

Anchor™ Core

anchor testing Anchor™ core is is tested with an electronic load cell testing device. The load cell tesing guarantees consistent results. Results are 50% stronger than the standard MDF.Boise Cascade has recognized that all other engineered panels are produced with a primary focus on the surface smoothness, and hardness - leaving the center core out of the equation. This can work for the furniture and cabinet industries, but Slatwall needs both a hard, smooth surface, as well as a stronger internal bond strength. Boise has accomplished this with Anchor™ core. They have dialed in their manufacturing processes to better utilization of the exact resin compounds, adhesives, and press times needed to achieve these beneficial results for a stronger Slatwall core - and it is exclusively available at Wind Mill.

Gray Melamine SlatwallChoosing Wind Mill's Anchor™ core Slatwall reduces Slatwall break- out, Slatwall failure, and damage to panels. If you are concerned about Slatwall holding strength, internal bond strength, or Slatwall load capacities, Anchor™ core by Wind Mill would be an great option. Anchor™ core Slatwall works with all the standard Slatwall accessories, including: face out arms, down- slants, hang bars, display hooks, and Slatwall shelf supports.

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