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Graphic Series

Wind Mill's Graphic Series comes in a  variety of cores, surface finishes, sizes, groove options, and edge treatments. Graphic Series is created using photographic images. The larger the file size, the larger the photographic image can be reproduced. Graphic Series slatwall panels create unique images at an affordable price.

Images, or logos, are printed directly onto the retail display panel. This is a great way to enhance retail environments, making them uniquely personal. Graphic Series reinforces brand identity as it portrays your brand to your customers.

Sunset Lake Slatwall


Golf Dashwall

Golf - Dashwall

Rainbow Slatwll


Graphic Slatwall sunset boat

Sunset Boat

WA Indies Collection; Baseballs

WA Indies Collection; Peppers

Image Requirements

Graphic Series is created using a printing process for panel sizes 48" x 96'’ or smaller. A digital file format is recommended for customer supplied image. Images having a high resolution are best for large Graphic Series panels. The final image size, that will be used for printing, must be no less than 72 dpi (dots per inch). Files can be submitted as EPS, TIFF, AI, PDS, or PDF’s. The larger the image can be supplied, the better the quality will be for the final enlarged image used for printing. Wind Mill can help determine image quality for large format printing.

Groove Options

If panels are grooved first the ink jet printing spray will go into the grooves. The over spray does not cover the entire groove, but rather give grooves a lighter treatment of the overall image. Another method, is to print the panel and then have it grooved. Once the panels are machined as slatwall, plain grooves, painted grooves, plastic, and metal inserts are groove options.


Today's printing processes makes the production of Graphic Series panels easy and more affordable. For an estimate, or more information, contact our expert Project Managers at 800-548-7528. Graphic Series requires a minimum of five panels.

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