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Graphic Series

Wind Mill's Graphic Series slatwall comes in a wide variety of cores, surface finishes, sizes, groove options, and edge treatments. The Wind Mill Graphic Series slatwall is made from photographic images. The larger the file size, the larger the image that can be produced. Our Graphic Series slatwall panels create the most unique images at the most affordable prices in the marketplace today. Call Wind Mill's sales department at 800.548.7528 to get a quote on Graphic Series Panels. (Sunset Ducks is displayed above).

The Graphic Series slatwall puts the image you want directly onto the display at the point of sale. This is a great way to enhance your displays and make them uniquely personal, portraying the images associated with your products and customers as part of the display.

Sunset Lake Slatwall


Golf Dashwall

Golf - Dashwall

Rainbow Slatwll


Graphic Slatwall sunset boat

Sunset Boat

Image Requirements

Graphic slatwall is created using a unique printing process and can be accomplished in a 4’ x 8’ or smaller size. The customer supplied images are typically digital. For larger panels, such as the 4’ x 8’, it is best to utilize a high resolution image file. Files need to be 72 to 100 PPI (pixels per inch) at final output. Files can be submitted as EPS, TIFF, AI, PS, or PDF’s. The rule of thumb is that the larger the image, the better the clarity of the enlargement at final output. Our printing team can offer limited help with this process, if the customer requires it.

Groove Options

Panels can be grooved first, and the ink jet printing over spray will land in the grooves. The over spray does not cover the entire groove, but does give the grooves a lighter treatment of the overall image. Or, the panels can be printed and then grooved. Once the panels are machined as slatwall, plain grooves, painted grooves, and plastic and metal inserts for the grooves are all options.


New printing processes have helped to make the Graphic Series easier to accomplish, and hence, more affordable. Contact sales at Wind Mill to learn more - 800.548.7528 - or, email your request to sales@Wind 5 panel minimum.

Stock Images

Contact Mark Hunt at Wind Mill to inquire about the stock images below - 920.467.9304

RocksSml BeachChairSml BirchSml DandySml
MulchSml PierFlagSml PierSml Dandy2Sml
RockwallSml ShipSml SunsetBoatSml WildflowersSml

View installation instructions including a video on how Slatwall with aluminum inserts is installed. Call our Wind Mill Customer Service Team at 800.548.7528 if you have any questions.

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