Wind Mill Slatwall

Designer Series

The Designer Series of custom slatwall comes in a wide variety of cores, surface finishes, sizes, groove options, and edge treatments.
Below is detailed information for each option.

3D Vinyl HPL

Bulls Eye Slatwall
Bull's Eye

DiamondPlate Slatwall
Diamond Plate
Focal Wall Slatwall
Sunset Graphic Series Slatwall
Graphic Panels
Mirror Acrylic Slatwall
Mirror Acrylic
Wavewall Slatwall

Custom Slatwall Panel Options

Below are features to consider when ordering custom slatwall panels.
1. Substrate or core materials
2. Surface and finish treatments
3. Panel or slatwall part size
4. Groove orientation
5. Groove spacing
6. Groove treatment/Insert options
7. Edge treatments
8. Other miscellaneous panel options

The information below is intended to help customers undersand the various panel options that can be specified when ordering custom retail display panels. Consult our expert Project Managers for all custom projects at 800-548-7528.

1. Substrate or Core Materials

  1. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) has been the mainstay core for slatwall in the retail display industry for the past thirty years.
  2. Anchor™ Core by Boise Cascade is 50% stronger than standard MDF. Made from 100% recycled wood fibers, Anchor™ Core delivers impressive holding strengths and is available at the same price as MDF core. Wind Mill is an exclusive manufacturer using Anchor™ Core.
  3. No Added Urea Formaldehyde (NAUF) is commonly used for green projects (limited sizes and extended lead times).
  4. Flame Retardant (Class A) MDF. This core can be combined with a fire rated plastic laminate by Formica or Wilsonart and will satisfy most local codes requiring flame or fire retardant slatwall panels (limited sizes and extended lead times).

2. Surface and Finish Treatments

HPL laminates
High Pressure Laminates (HPL)
Melamine Laminate
Melamine Laminate
Thermofuse Melamine
Thermofuse Melamine
Wood Veneers
Wood Veneers
Painted Slatwall
Popwall graphic panels
Graphic images

3. Panel or Slatwall Part Size

The most common retail display panel size is 48" x 96" with edges machined with half grooves and is the most economical. However, when necessary, Wind Mill can produce slatwall panels in a variety of alternative sizes, grooves, and edges to meet customer specifications. As a custom retail display panel manufacturer,  Wind Mill is able to offset grooves and machine panels to a variety of specifications.

4' x 8'
4'x8' Slatwall Panel 3" on center
Standard Size

5' x 8'
5' x 8' Slatwall Panel
4' x 10'
4' x 10' Slatwall Panel

5' x 10'
5' x 10 Slatwall Panel



4. Slatwall Groove Orientation

Wind Mill state-of-the-art technology can create slatwall grooves in either direction on a panel with a high degree of accuracy.

a. 48"H x 96"L–Grooves in the long direction (most common–stock slatwall size)

Stock Cut Slatwall Panel

b. 96"H x 48"L–Grooves in the short direction

Vertical Cut Slatwall Panel

5. Slatwall Groove Spacing

On-center (o.c.) is the distance between the center of the grooves

4'x8' Slatwall Panel 3" on center
4' x 8'–3" on-center.
15 grooves per 4' x 8'
(Standard grooving)
4'x8' - 2" on center Slatwall Panel
4' x 8'–2" on-center.
24 grooves per 4' x 8'
4" on center Slatwall grooving
4' x 8'–4" on-center.
12 grooves per 4' x 8'
6 inch on center Slatwall grooving
4' x 8'–6" on-center.
8 grooves per 4' x 8'
12" on center Slatwall grooving
4' x 8'–12" on-center.
4 grooves per 4' x 8'

Cubewall drawing
Usually 4", 6", or 8" on-center.

Dashwall Drawing
Typically 3", 4", or 6"
Brickwall drawing
Usually 6" on-center.
Custom Drawing
Unlimited Options

6. Slatwall Groove Treatment/Insert Options

  1. Metal Inserts
  2. Plastic Inserts
  3. Plastic Strips
  4. Painted grooves

Slatwall Metal Inserts

Retail display panels with optional aluminum inserts can add strength, beauty, and value to retail displays or merchandising walls. Wind Mill has one of the largest capabilities of slatwall groove options in the U.S. Many large retailers specify aluminum inserts for holding strength or to create a high-end look to their retail environment.

Wind-Sert Drawing for Slatwall Groove
.023" Wall Thickness
Fits the T-Sert Groove

L-Sert for Slatwall groove
.032" Wall Thickness
Fits the T-Sert Groove

Ready-Sert for Slatwall groove

.030" Wall Thickness
Fits the Ready-Sert Groove

T-Sert for Slatwall groove

.045" Wall Thickness
Fits the T-Sert Groove

Wide-Sert for Slatwall groove
.040" Wall Thickness
Fits the Wide-Sert Groove

Metal inserts can be painted in any color


Strength Comparison Chart

The table above is arranged by lowest to highest strength carrying capacity of insert options. As strength and cost have a direct correlation, it’s important to be aware of what option makes the most sense. Inserts having a heavier capacity such as Wide-sert™ or T-sert™ do not need to be used when the panel is only going to be used for a medium or light application, whereas, Wind-Sert™ or plastic inserts will provide slatwall displays or fixtures with a great look without the additional cost of inserts used for heavier applications. Specifying Anchor™ Core will contribute even more strength capacity. See strength comparison chart for details.

Some of Wind Mill’s distributors carry slatwall panels machined for Ready-serts™. Ready-sert™ slatwall panel can be used with or without the Ready-sert™ extrusion. Ready-sert™ extrusions are sold separately and are installed in the grooves before the panels are installed on the walls. To save on cost, Ready-sert™ can be used in grooves only requiring extra holding strength.

Non-slatwall hooks and accessories that fit regular slatwall, like pegboard hooks, may not fit into the Ready-sert™ extrusion. Slatwall panels can be shipped with inserts installed or, per the specifications, can be shipped loose and installed on the job site. For stacking purposes, one extra insert is shipped for every two panels ordered.


Plastic insert for Slatwall grooveSlatwall Plastic Inserts

Plastic inserts for slatwall grooves are  decorative with no significant strength capacities and are available in five basic colors.

Plastic Insert for Slatwall groove in whiteWhite

Black Plastic insert for Slatwall groove Black

Gray Plastic insert for Slatwall groove Gray

Red Plastic Insert for Slatwall groove Red

Almond Plastic Insert for Slatwall groove Almond

Plastic inserts can be installed into Wind Mill slatwall grooves without special groove machining. Slatwall panels with aluminum inserts must be ordered from the factory for special machining.

Slatwall Plastic Strips

Plastic Strips for Slatwall GroovesPlastic strips come in the five colors, red, white, almond, gray, and black and fit into the back of the groove as a decorative accent. Strips come in 130' rolls and are an economical treatment solution to cover grooves.

Slatwall Painted Grooves

Wind Mill uses water based paints. Grooves can be painted to match the panel or as an accent color.

7. Slatwall Edge Treatments

  1. Two Half Grooves. This puts a half groove on the edge of the slatwall panel for stacking purposes. The standard slatwall panels come with half grooves on the top and bottom of the panels. This puts the seam between the panels at the back of the groove where they meet together.
  2. One Half Groove. This puts a square edge on side of the panel, and a half groove on the other for stacking purposes.
  3. Without Half Grooves. This leaves a square edge on the top and bottom of the panel.

Edge Cuts

8. Miscellaneous

Groove both sides of a Slatwall Panel Alternating grooves for a Slatwall Panel Splicing Woodgrain
1½" board–grooved 2 sides makes an excellent center panel for fixtures–displaying off both sides Offset Slatwall– ¾" Slatwall panels alternating grooves (typically 6" on center)
Splicing woodgrain laminate is done to allow for the woodgrain to travel in the same direction as the grooves on a 48" W x 96" H (grooves in the short direction) panel. Woodgrain laminate always comes as a 4' x 8' sheet with the grain running in the long direction.

Go to the slatwall installation page for complete installation instructions including a video on how slatwall with aluminum inserts is installed. Questions? Call our expert Project Managers at 800.548.7528.

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