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HPL High Pressure Laminate Series

High pressure laminate works great with slatwall. It comes in 4' x 8' sheets and laminates easily to the Anchor™ Core or MDF cores. It machines very well and comes in the widest variety of finish designs, colors, patterns, woodgrains, and metallic looks. Though Wind Mill can work with almost any HPL laminate supplier, those shown below are the most readily available options.

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Formica laminate
Nevamar laminate
Pionite laminate
Wilsonart laminate

HPL Slatwall and Component Parts

HPL Cubewall

HPL Component Part
HPL Component Part

Shaped Edge component
HPL Gondola Part


HPL with candles
HPL Slatwall with metal inserts

HPL DASHwall sample


Slat & Dash Panel
Works as Slat, or Dashwall


Fire-Rated Laminate - Technical Data

Wilsonart International
2400 Wilson Place
PO Box 6110
Temple, Texas 76503-6110

Recommended Uses: Fire-rated laminate is recommended for interior applications where fire codes specify or the environment suggests a fire-resistant and smoke-resistant surface.

It may be applied as decorative surfacing for slatwall, display panels, and component parts. These laminates are particularly appropriate for public places like airports, hotels, office buildings, and institutions such as hospitals and schools. Fire-rated laminate can offer a Class 1or A fire-rating, provide fire-retardant adhesives and substrates are used.

  • Vertical Surface (VGF) Type 604: Intended to surface walls in public spaces and corridors.
  • General Purpose (HGF) Types 605 and (SFG) 607: Produced for both horizontal and vertical applications.
  • Fire-Rated Backer Type 264: A stabilizing backer sheet for applications where decorative surface is Vertical Surface Type 604.
  • Fire-Rated Backer Type 266: A stabilizing backer sheet for applications where decorative surface is General Purpose Type 605 or 607.

Product Composition

The decorative surface is composed of melamine resin-treated decorative surface papers. Special kraft core sheets, used to obtain the desired thickness, are impregnated with phenolic resin.

Basic Limitations

Wilsonart Laminate is intended for interior use only and should be protected from continuous exposure to direct sunlight, extremes in humidity and temperature greater than 275°F (135°C). It is not structural material and must be boned to a suitable substrate.

Wilsonart Laminate should not be used as direct covering for plaster, concrete walls, or for gypsum wallboard. It should not be exposed to flame, molten metal, metallic sparks, or intense, direct sunlight. Nor should it be used as a cutting surface.

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