Wind Mill Slatwall

CUBEwall™ Series–Retail Display Panels

CUBEwallâ„¢ is unique slatwall having grooves both vertically and horizontally. This classic series creates interest to any retail display.
The horizontal groove are the functional slatwall groove used to display items, whereas the vertical groove (or score) is purely decorative.

CUBEwall™ is intended for medium and light duty use. Wind Mill offers the four different CUBEwall™ styles shown below. (Custom CUBEwall™ is available on request).

Installation Instructions

Call our Project Managers at 800.548.7528 to learn more.

6" o.c. Cublewall

Style - CW 6" oc Stock Cut

6" o.c. Cubewall VC

Style - CW 6" oc Vertical Cut

8"oc CubewallSC

Style - CW 8" oc Stock Cut


Style - CW 8" oc Vertical Cut

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