Wind Mill Slatwall

Construction Series

Construction Series includes various plywood, oriented strand board (OSB) panels, and paintable surfaces. The diversity of Construction Series creates a multitude of options through the use of finishes and core combinations. Construction Series complements retail environments looking for a natural expression or industrial like atmosphere. Panels can be painted or stained and inserts are optional, providing greater strength capacities.

OSB - Oriented Strand Board

Wind Mill’s OSB slatwall is free from printed lines or labels often found on construction material. Its rugged appearance is perfect for, sporting goods, industrial like, and outdoor looking retail environments. Optional aluminum inserts, in an assortment of colors, adds beauty as well as strength. OSB slatwall can be stained or painted and looks amazing with an optional clear finish. OSB finish is also available in the DASHwall Series.

When stacking one to two panels, only one edge requires a half groove, the final size is 47½”W x 95½”H (grooves can be cut to run in the long or short direction).

Panels stacked more than two high require middle panels to have half grooves on each horizontal edge making the panel 45”H x 95½”W.

NOTE: The aluminum inserts sit slightly below the face of the panel.

Painted and Stained Panels

Panels can be painted or stained and offer a range of options to achieve the desired finished expression.

Installation Tips

See Slatwall Panel Installation Instruction page for slatwall installation tips.


A variety of slatwall accessories can be purchased through Wind Mill’s distributors.

The Anchor™ Core Advantage

Anchor™ Core slatwall reduces slatwall break-out, slatwall failure, and damage to panels resulting in potential merchandise damage. Anchor™ Core slatwall, works with standard slatwall accessories, including waterfall arms, face out arms, down-slant arms, hang bars, hooks, and slatwall shelf brackets. Wind Mill Slatwall Products is an exclusive manufacturer of Anchor™ Core retail display panels.

Anchor™ Core slatwall has been tested using Wind Mill’s electronic load cell testing device; the load cell testing guarantees consistent testing results from panel to panel. Anchor™ Core slatwall tests out to be 50% stronger than the standard MDF. See The Anchor™ Core Advantage strength chart.

Watch the strength testing video.


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