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Brick Series


Brickyard panels differ from Brickwall panels (below). Brickyard is a two piece construction with functional grooves measuring every 5¼ inch. The face is prefinished ¼ inch simulated brick paneling with a ½ inch MDF core. Functional grooves are cut every other grout line to produce an authentic brick-looking panel. It not only looks great, it has all the functionality of slatwall.

brickyard small samle    
Red Brickyard


Brickwall panels are available using Anchor™ Core or MDF cores. The process machines the entire length of the panel vertically every five inches, as well as horizontally; therefore Anchor™ Core is recommended for increased panel strength.

Real Red Brickwall
Real Red–Painted

Cloud Brickwall

See the Slatwall installation page for tips on how to install slatwall and Brick Series panels.

Anchor™ Core is 50% stronger than standard MDF. Other engineered panels are produced for surface smoothness and hardness–with minimal consideration to the center core. Slatwall requires both a hard, smooth surface and internal bond strength. Boise Cascade™ has developed internal core strength using Anchor™ Core. The Anchor™ Core manufacturing process utilizes precise resin compounds, adhesives, and press times needed to achieve beneficial results for stronger slatwall core. Anchor™ Core is exclusively available at Wind Mill.

Choosing Wind Mill's exclusive Anchor™ Core slatwall reduces slatwall breakout due to slatwall failure causing damage to panels. Anchor™ Core slatwall is compatible with standard slatwall accessories, including: face out arms, down-slants, hang bars, display hooks, and slatwall shelf supports.

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