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The Anchor™ Core Advantage

Anchor™ Core is 50% stronger than slatwall made with medium density fiberboard (MDF) core. Wind Mill Slatwall Products is an exclusive manufacturer of Anchor™ Core retail display panels. Anchor™ Core, made by Boise Cascade™, is specifically engineered for retail display panels. Made from 100% recycled wood fibers, Anchor™ Core delivers impressive holding strengths and is available at the same price as MDF core. Wind Mill Slatwall Products is a leading manufacturer of retail display panels, fixtures, and accessories. Wind Mill excels in producing custom panel options including those found in the Designer, DASHwall, BRICKwall, CUBEwall, and other series.

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The Development of Anchor™ Core

Boise Cascade recognized other engineered panels were produced with the primary focus on  surface smoothness and hardness–disregarding the importance of the center core. While this approach is fine for furniture, cabinet, and other industrial uses, slatwall requires both a hard, smooth surface, as well as a strong core. Boise accomplished this with the development of Anchor™ Core, by improving their manufacturing processes to better calculate the exact resin compounds, adhesives, and press times needed to achieve beneficial results for a superior slatwall core. Anchor™ Core slatwall reduces slatwall break-out, slatwall failure, and damage to panels resulting in potential merchandise damage. Anchor™ Core slatwall, works with standard slatwall accessories, including waterfall arms, face out arms, down-slant arms, hang bars, hooks, and slatwall shelf brackets. Wind Mill Slatwall Products is an exclusive manufacturer of Anchor™ Core retail display panels.

When you need more strength than standard MDF

Anchor™ Core slatwall has been tested using Wind Mill’s electronic load cell testing device; the load cell testing guarantees consistent testing results from panel to panel. Anchor™ Core slatwall tests out to be 50% stronger than the standard MDF. See The Anchor™ Core Advantage strength chart.

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